BWE Bandwidth estimation issues


There seems to be some issues with BWE and am getting a lot of suspended endpoints. Even on fairly good networks and using chrome. It seems that some issues are somehow tied to firewall implementations, but some are a complete mystery. I am somewhat hesitant to disable BWE completely from the JVB. The black screen issues are piling up however and am wondering if that is the only option left.

Any ideas or fixes I could try?
Using jitsi-videobridge2 2.2

What makes you think that?

Which version of the videobridge are you using? Do you see the problem with the same participants on Can it be an issue with the network on the jvb side?

It’s only shows up on one network and most others seem fine. They are using chrome, outgoing looks good from their network at 720p but incoming is cutting out the image with BWE messages in the JVB logs.

“Sources were suspended due to insufficient bandwidth (bwe=137021 bps)”

The JVB is in a data center with good connection and other users don’t have issues. Haven’t been able to test it on from their network and won’t be able to.

Using the jitsi-videobridge2_2.2-22-g42bc1b99-1_all.deb package.