Building video conference using lib-jitsi-meet?

I am building video conference using lib-jitsi-meet ( ) . Chrome , safari and IE ( Latest version ) was working fine. But I am facing issue with firefox browsers , When firefox joins the meeting it is making other participant ( Chrome etc… ) to lag . But jitsi meet ( is working fine on firefox.

Please guide me on how to configure , I also tried disabling simulcast in firefox.

What is the deployment you use?
Probably disabling the simulcast is what make the problems on the other side.

Hi ,

I am hosting only HTML and JS code with ssl certificate in my server as I am developing the application , after successful development I thought of installing jitsi video bridge and other required softwares to run jitsi from my server.

So I am using and I am using ( “” ) for customization .

I created two codes one with and without enabling simulcast, I saw in the document we can able to get better quality video when we selected that participant .

So I joined in chrome with enabled simulcast and disabled simulcast in firefox. Upto 2 - 3 seconds I can able to see the video in chrome from firefox but after that it got hanged and sometimes I couldn’t view the video and hear audio,Same for screen sharing.

So I wonder , do I have to configure any settings in init. If so , Is there any document where I can check.