Building the source

hello , every one
i make changes in source code and
type make .
i want to add this change to server
and i dont khonw how to do that .
can you guide me

The easiest way is to copy the whole source tree somewhere on the server, excluding node_modules folder.
Go to your web server configuration and change from /usr/share/jitsi-meet root to the newly copied sources, webserver user should be able to read those files.

thank you for your answere
but i don’t know where or which one of file is server configuration.
where is the path ?

Are you using apache or nginx, or you didn’t have any webserver installed when you were installing jitsi-meet?

I’m just doing, what is in Jitsi Meet quick install.

So apparently you haven’t installed webserver prior that.
So you need to edit /etc/jitsi/videobridge/ the line:
should become:, where you had put custom jitsi-meet folder in /srv and you make sure jvb:jitsi user can read it.

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i make changes in source code and
type make .
i want to add this change to server

So I imagine you’re developing on your own computer and after building sources you want to send them on the server ?

I personally sent all built sources (after typing “make”) on the server through an ftp server.

But before sending the built app, you need to install jitsi on your server (just follow quick install guide).

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Hey @damencho ,

At this time, I thought it worked well for me, but obviously that’s not the case.

I did it, but when using the sources of “git clone … and typing make” and deploying them on the server, then I can’t participate in a videoconference from mobile app. Do you an idea where does it can come from ?

it’s as if rebuilding the application created lags (and latency) when people communicate with web server, preventing the use of web app.

I did tests and I noticed it takes longer to load web app when it’s based on these decompiled files

It works with initial sources. Actually, I tried to copy quick install sources in /srv/jitsi-meet, it worked well (mobile app too).
But after cloning jitsi-meet from github and typing “make”, I deployed these files in /srv/jitsi-meet. That’s working on web but that’s impossible to join videoconference from mobile app.