Building React Native (RN) video conferencing app using Jitsi as the core

Hi, My name’s Levi, I’m new to Jitsi and have mid experience with React Native.

I want to build a video conferencing app (from scratch) using RN with Jitsi in the core of it.
Of course I will need to be able to modify the UI components and stuff.
However, I’ve been wondering for several days and haven’t been able to figure out the proper way to integrate Jitsi into RN app, as I’ve stumbled upon the documentation, and the detailed steps are provided only for the IOS & Android native app development.

I think I need to clone the jitsi-meet repo and start customizing it there on my own. However I notice that the repo includes all the codes for web and mobile right?
Is there any tips on how I should start this project?
@saghul any thoughts on this?

Helps are very much appreciated,

Hey there,

To be honest we have no good answer for that. We do have a SDKs but they are meant for native app consumption, not really other RN apps. There are a number of caveats which can be seen by those trying to use react-native-jitsi-meet (which is not maintained by us).

Our repo shares code between the web and mobile apps, yeah.

If the core of your app is going to be Jitsi then maybe it’s not a bad idea to have your own jitsi-meet fork where you change the app entrypoint and render your own stuff, then render our app when ready.