Building on Windows or Mac OS X

I realize that building on Windows is not officially supported, but it seems that others have done this successfully (?). What about Mac OS X? Any insight on building on either of these platforms?


For Windows and Mac, I would suggest to use a Virtual Machine and install a linux distribution on it, it would be easier to build.

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Why would the mac one be a problem?
I build it every day on mac with no problem.

(Because the site docs only mention builds on Debian/Ubuntu systems… so asking before I invest time building on Mac.)

So then the answer is ‘no problem on Mac’. Thx!

Where is that, maybe you got confused about deploying it? Indeed the binary versions of the components are designed to be installed on Debian/Ubuntu system.
All components can be compiled and you can run on macosx, but I’m not sure about the webserver and the prosody server.
So if you plan to do modifications there you need a deployment then any component can be run from the dev machine for testing … including the web …
So my initial impression was you are asking about the web client jitsi-meet.

Under the dev guide:

"On Debian/Ubuntu systems, the required packages can be installed with:

No mention of Mac OSX or Windows. Doesn’t matter. I grabbed source from GitHub and it built just fine. All good. Done. :wink: