Building on Jitsi Meet (React native version)


Hello there

I’m a final year software engineering student from The Faculty of Engineering and Technology at The University of Buea in Cameroon. I have seen and used the Jitsi Meet android app and I’m very impressed with it. I’m interested in the React native part of it and I want to build a video conferencing app on the React native part of Jitsi meet with some differences for one of my courses in school. I have successfully build the React native Jitsi Meet app on my machine and I’m able to test it on my Android phone but I’m still having so many issues: When I run react-native run-android, it builds, installs and opens the app on my phone but it closes the prompt so I’m unable to see error messages on the terminal but I have errors from the phone. I think it has to do with the development environment but I don’t know how to change it. The attached picture explains this better.
Any help on how to go about this will be highly appreciated. Thanks


if you are using for android u can open another terminal and execute react-native log-android
here you will be able to see all the console.log messages if you try to send one.


Ok thanks let me try that out


Alternatively to react-native log-android, you may instead do adb logcat.


ok thanks man