Building Jitsi Meet from Source


I’m getting familiar with the source code of Jitsi by making changes and building it on Windows 11 where I have HP EliteBook Core i7 with 4 Cores and 16 GB of physical memory with an additional 14 GB of Virtual memory.

Using “make” to build the Jitsi takes about 10 minutes (maybe more).

What are the best options in terms of CPU, and RAM to build Jitsi in seconds?


can you please guide me to how to develop jitsi by making changes and building it on window 11?
thank you in advance.

A production build does not take secodns, I’m afraid. It takes a couple of minutes on my M1 Max.

For development, use make dev, it’s much faster.

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Hi @chetan_sharma,

I actually tried to build jitsi meet from source to transfer the updated code on the Ubuntu server where I already have instantiated Jitsi Meet to test these updates.

If you’re interested in how to build jitsi-meet project from source code using Windows 11, I can share MakefileW (made from the original Makefile that jitsi provides for Linux).

yes please sir !!.
Thank you in Advance.