Building iOS app: Error: EMFILE: too many open files

When building with Xcode, this happens: Error: EMFILE: too many open files and building fails (the bundler cannot create the JS bundle).

I could perhaps fix this by installing watchman (or so I read), but this also fails, because it requires Python 3.8, and installing that will fail with “invalid instruction”, meaning that I have older hardware which isn’t supported.

Haven’t tried to build this outside Xcode yet.

Putting this here in case someone has directions for me until I go further… Thanks.

You areally need watchman. How are you trying to install it? It’s available on Homebrew.

I was just able to fix this, woohoo! With this: i.e. by installing Node 10 and reinstalling node_modules.

I did try to install watchman with Homebrew. Homebrew went to install Python 3.8 from the source, and compiling that failed with “invalid instruction”. I have older hardware which isn’t supported, it seems.

But anyway, I got forward now. But bumped into another issue (“Could not connect to development server”). I suppose this is just another issue that can be solved.