Building and deploying changes (customizing '')


This is my first post on this community… I am pretty new to a lot of technologies used by Jitsi, as I am more of a windows C# backend developer. I have a question on deploying the compiled sources, and why some changes won’t show up.

I have a ‘secure Jitsi’ running and I am trying to customize a few things.
I have users from outside our organization that should be able to host a meeting. They cannot use their email addresses as username, because there are some issues with an ‘@’ in the username. (See issue Issue with ‘@’ As a workaround I am providing all hosts with a username and password. However, in the host-authentication screen the placeholder for username is ‘’ which is of course very confusing in this situation. I want to change this placeholder.

The quick-hack solution would be to change the app.bundle.min.js directly (which works btw), but I wanted to change it in the sourcecode and deploy this to production.

I located the location where this is hardcoded in the source (jitsi/react/features/authentication/components/LoginDialog.native.js) and changed this.
I compiled & deployed the sources, without problems.

However, this change does not change the login screen. Nor is the change present in app.bundle.min.js. The date/time of this file match the compile time.
I have changed the nginx configuration to point to my source directory.

Can someone explain why this is? Maybe I am missing some basic knowledge on the compile & deploy process?