Build jitsi-meet web and host on S3+CloudFront

How can i build the jitsi-meet web component from source in such a way that I can host it on a static host service like S3+CloudFront?
Most of the tutorials assume you have a server but I would like to host the web files on S3. Is it possible?

Yes, web files are on cdn/s3.
You just need to edit the content of and put something like <base href=" the url to the files you had added.

This might be a stupid question, but if I clone the jitsi-meet from github, build the entire thing with running make, what files do I have to upload to S3 to be able to run the entire frontend website from there? Is that even possible because I see that index.html includes some stuff that have to be parsed by a server?

Yes, index.html is always served from the signalling node and the rest of the content from cdn.

Could you explain what the signaling node is please?

Signalling node is nginx + prosody + jicofo.

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What are the rest of the content you refer sir , I have created a S3 bucket and added all the files from /usr/share/jitsi-meet directory and mapped cdn with my jitsi domain ip, but I’m getting following error in the console

You should not move your main domain to point to cdn. You create a separate dns for that and put itnas base html in the base. html file. Checkout how meet.jit.sinis doing that.

Thanks for your help sir, It really worked :+1: :+1: