Build jitsi-meet on Windows running Linux within VirtualBox

Hi All,

I’m getting started with contributing to Jitsi-Meet as a developer, but I have a Windows OS.

I understand that Windows is not supported to build the application, and it’s best to use Linux,
as per Deploying and installing Jitsi-meet on WINDOWS xampp/htdocs .

So, I intend to install Debian OS within VirtualBox as my developer machine.

I’ll update my progress here, and please let me know any tips if you’ve done this before.

If you work on jibri too then install Debian 10 Buster, the old stable…
The current stable Debian 11 Bullseye has some issues with jibri

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Thanks @emrah.

[How to] Setup Jitsi Meet Development Environment within Linux Virtual Machine (for Windows Users)