Build Architecture JitsiMeet iOS

I have to build old JitsiMeet with XCode 10.2 and I check the architecture with code

lipo -info ios/sdk/JitsiMeet.framework/JitsiMeet


Architectures in the fat file: jitsi-sdk-meet-ios/SDK/JitsiMeet.framework/JitsiMeet are: i386 x86_64 armv7 arm64

I try to build the latest master on repository with XCode 11.3 and the results is

Architectures in the fat file: jitsi-meet/ios/sdk/JitsiMeet.framework/JitsiMeet are: x86_64 arm64

is that expected or is something wrong? Because I get an error

could not find module ‘JitsiMeet’ for target ‘i386-apple-ios-simulator’; found: x86_64-apple-ios-simulator, arm64, x86_64, arm64-apple-ios


Hi @saghul

Can you help me?

solved, The problem because minimum OS

I have the same issue. Can you explain how do you solve the issue?