Bug with Live streaming (it's now low quality)

Since the newest stable of Jitsi Meet (2.0.6826) was released, the YouTube live stream (and video recording) has had very poor quality.

I first noticed it on my own server and also on meet.jit.si.

Screenshot (it is on 1080p HD mode), see the quality (regardless of what is shown):

Do you see any errors in your browser’s js console?

No errors in the console when I start the live stream on either meet.jit.si or my server.

The live stream quality looks fine if the person’s camera is off (it just shows the first character of their name), but if their camera is on, their camera is very low definition. Tested it both on meet.jit.si and my own server, same issue.

Also same issue when using ‘Start recording’ on meet.jit.si - only really bad video quality is saved.

I downgraded to 2.0.6726 and it doesn’t have this issue.

So this is definitely a bug in the latest stable (2.0.6826).

I can confirm this on the latest stable (meet.jit.si).
@damencho would @Aaron_K_van_Meerten be the best ping about this?

Yep, we are aware of the bug and will be working on it. Thank you for the report.

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A fix had been pushed to unstable and stable. Cheers.


I can confirm it’s working fine now. Thanks for the prompt attention!