Bug? video in tile view is zoomed out

Anyone know how to fix weird issue with video being zoomed out in tile view?


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What do you mean by zoomed out? Are there other people on the call or it’s just you? If your picture is anything to go by, it looks like it’s working exactly as it should. Tile view places the feeds in tiles, which are smaller. So even if it’s just you in the room and you’re in tile view (say after other people leave), then you’ll have the view as reflected in your posted pic.

Sorry for any confusion, others didn’t want their photos in the post, so i only captured my tile. I am only taking up the inner ~40% of the tile space, whereas everyone else in the call is showing in the full tile.

@sharkey, That almost seems like the result from the device input. Is that an external camera (like USB)?

Do others also see you the same way? Or do they see the full tile for you (on their side)?

Yes, it is a usb2.0 logitech camera, and yea it shows the same for others, however, testing in Zoom and Discord and Skype all show the full size image in tile views. Also, the person I was in chat with testing the server was on a usb-c external logitech camera and was showing full sized in the tile view.

When in speaker view it shows full image though, not a zoomed out/reduced size one.

Here is full:

I am only one showing as tiny, and no clue why or how to correct it. 2 others have my same camera.