BUG: Unable to share screen to Firefox 98.0 viewers on Ubuntu more than once when video cam is off

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start a conference using any browser, and reject video permissions (sender side)
  • Join the same conference from Firefox 96.0 or 96.0.3 or 98.0 in Ubuntu (recipient side)
  • Share screen from the sender side (any browser), then stop sharing, then start again.

Expected behaviour
The second time the screen sharing should work just as fine as the first time

Observed behaviour
The second time (or any subsequent time), the shared screen appears as a blank screen on the recipient side (Firefox).

This doesn’t happen if a video cam track is created first, probably because, in that case, internally, the video track is replaced by the desktop track when the sharing starts, then replaced again by the video (camera) track when the screen sharing stops, then replaced again by the desktop track when sharing again and so on, so on the client side the event is “track updated”, not “track added”. Whereas if the video permissions are rejected, the first desktop track is removed (not replaced) from the conference room when the sharing stops and a new track is created when trying to share the video again later on. For some reason, in the latter case Firefox 98 (latest version) fails. It doesn’t fail on Firefox 90.

Might be tangentially related to

Sounds like a bug to me. Can you pl open an issue on GH?


Created issue on Github :

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