[BUG] On jifico documentation 2



I think (not sure) there’s a bug on the jifoco documentation.

On that page

On that command

./jicofo.sh --domain=jitsi.exmaple.com --secret=focus_secret...

the password is focus_secret, however on this page

The password is YOURSECRET2

Component "focus.jitsi.example.com"
    component_secret = "YOURSECRET2"

So it’s really confusing when you follow the documentation, are these two passwords should match or not.



Both documents are not related and in the manual install the command is correct ./jicofo.sh ..... --secret=YOURSECRET2 ...



on this page

I see

Component "focus.jitsi.exmaple.com"

But on this page

I see

Component "focus.jitsi.example.com"
    component_secret = "YOURSECRET2"

So what’s the password for the component “focus.jitsi.example.com”: “focus_secret” or “YOURSECRET2” ?

It’s confusing, really.


You put whatever password you want. So if you expose that port to internet no body knows your password.
You just need to match the passwords in prosody config and the one you pass when starting up jicofo.
These documents just give an example that there you should put your random password.