Bug : no shared screen button (chrome)

I am used to discussing on JITSI via an API with a social network named “Jamespot”. Jisti is a very good visioconference tool but I have a problem. I can’t share my screen because the “shared screen button” is not available (at the bottom left of my screen near the chat button and the “hand” button). I precise that it was possible before and I don’t understand why this button in now not available. Can you tell me if I have to install on chrome an extension, and witch is this extension ?
Could you Help me ?

Welcome to the forum, @JulienCantoni!

It sounds to me like the issue could be with the way Jamespot integrates with Jitsi. Because if you go to the public Jitsi instance (https://meet.jit.si), screen sharing works there without any problems. Perhaps try updating to the most current version of Chrome (if you’re not on it already) and see if that works for you. It’s also possible that something’s changed on the chrome end. But as far as Jitsi is concerned, it works on its own - using the latest Chrome version.