[BUG] Jitsi Android not reconnecting (reproducable)

The official Jitsi Android application does not reconnect back to the server after the network is disrupted.

Reproducing the problem.
I’m using the Android application 20.3.2. build 4911829

Start a chat on any server (meet.jit.si or my own server: meet.helmchat.eu) with a browser and and Android phone with the app. I’ve tested both server mentioned. Make sure you are in the same chatroom. Set the phone to flight mode. The Android app will notify that the connection has been lost and it will reconnect. Turn flight mode back off, the app will tell you that it’s reconnected but isn’t and shows that you re the only one in the room. The room in your browser will still say that the connection to the Android phone is lost. The Android app somehow thinks it reconnected but didn’t.

Tested this multiple times, fails every time. Others tested as well, same result.

I run a separate service at https://helmchat.eu that it’s specific for motorcycle group chat based on Jitsi. This relies heavily on the ability to reconnect when the data network fails in regions with little to no cell reception. Previously the app would reconnect, but this does not seem to work anymore.

I found version Version 20.2.3 at f-droid and this works very well.