Bug: If I someone uses JITSI via mobile app (iphone) the quality of the screenshare is diminished

Recently I tried JITSI meet. Initially the members of the meeting are using only desktops (windows laptops) and the screen share was good the small texts can be read. Then someone who is using mobile app (iPhone) joined the meeting. Suddenly the screen share got blurred. The small texts cannot be read. Then we asked that person using the mobile app to access jitsi to leave the meeting. Suddenly the screen share text became clear.

Do you also experience the same issue?

Which deployment is that? And what is the default codec used. It maybe switch of codecs because of the mobile client, from VP9 to VP8.

FWIW the latest version of the mobile apps no longer downgrade to VP8.

@mjtfernandez Was the first call only involving 2 participants? Does the same occur if you add a Firefox participant?

Yes there were just two participants using windows laptops then I joined using my iPhone and they complain everytime I join a meeting saying “Why is it that everytime you join the screen share gets blurry?” Also when I am joining I cannot press the screen share button in the mobile phone so I cannot switch from one screen share to another using mobile app.

I’m not sure but here is the screenshot of the blurred screenshare.

Can you reproduce this when you bring in a 3rd desktop browser, instead of a mobile?