Bug --- Chat panel moves the video out of the screen

This affects only our docker instance (for now)
When we pop-out the chat panel, the video slides to the right instead of the panel covering the video.
When chat is closed, Video does not return to its original location

Video Settings are the same on both instances (bare metal and docker installs) but it affects only the docker instance we have…

Issue seems to affect all browsers BTW

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I checked with several video constraints and zooming factor, the issue persists. It seems to come from the behavior of the chat panel.

This is not a docker only issue as documented here

I’m using the deb package and, after a Jitsi upgrade (made just 20 minutes ago) the issue is still present.

It seems that something can be done (i think it has been done) on the git repo when building from source but for users that installs Jitsi from package there is still no solution for this.