Bug: Camera invisible after screen sharing stopped

Hi *,

I have installed the latest Jitsi version today and get problems with toggling from screen sharing to camera.

My work flow is:

  1. camera is enabled. It works: it is visible to everyone
  2. start sharing screen. It works: screen is visible to everyone
  3. Stop sharing screen: I would expect that I return to camera. This is not satisfying anymore: The one who in (2) shared the screen can see the camera video while nobody can this this camera video. The person needs to switch off and on the camera for everybody to see the camera. This is very cumbersome and not within my expectations. I consider it a bug.


I would like to add that this is a bug which I have only observed on firefox. It works on Chromium.

It also works on on other firefox instances. Maybe the issue is related to local settings or plugins. So I consider it difficult to troubleshoot.