Browser support warning when using the latest firefox (71.0) version on

Afaik firefox chrome and chromium are fully supported…aren’t they?



There are known issues with Firefox which may result bad user experience to the users using Firefox and for the others in the conference.
We are working hard on fixing those and improving experience.


Any luck yet? I’m still getting the warning with the latest firefox.


Nope, this is a big project and can take months.

Sure, but the warning displays in Firefox which is one of the fully supported browsers according to the link given in the warning.

You should either remove the warnings, or remove Firefox from being listed as being fully supported.

Good point, I’ve opened a PR



With the current lockdown, a lot of organisations are trying jJtsi but the standard browser is FireFox. This result of a first not so good experience and gives traction to Teams.and Zoom.

With Jitsi meet you made a great product and give the world an alternative, with Riot to MS-Teams. With thank you very very much for that.

However cross browser compatibility (mainly Firefox) and quality (ie desktop sharing) is key for massive adoption in the corporate world.

Do you know if Firefox 68 ESR is affected by this compatibility problem (ie regression)

Again thank you for your great solution !


This is general problem with Firefox, not some versions. We are working on it, monitor the issue that Boris paster for more information.

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so as we can all see at there are some amazing changes coming to jitsi meet to support safari and firefox in 2-3 weeks it seems.

From a user and business perspective I am keen to discuss these changes here, to find out more about what we can and cannot expect.

For example, I see there is some mention that Safari on iPhone “might not” be improved - so this is my main question - any ideas?

But I am sure there are more questions about this subject, because as @cpotter said above, having full cross-browser support on all (or most) devices is key to giving jitsi massive adoption in the world - which is what we all want!! Apps are great, but browsers give much better & easier quick access.


Yes! Great news! Firefox and Safari support is MASSIVE!
I understand it’s not necessarily all Jitsi’s fault, but still–Firefox (and Safari to a slightly lesser extent) is one of the last bastions against the Google monopoly/Chromium monoculture.

I modified the page recommendedBrowsers.html to show something like this (while the issue is fixed and the required firefox changes percolate to the ESR version), but if I put firefox in UNSUPPORTED_BROWSER that page isn’t shown, the message is hardcoded in app.bundle.min.js (and it’s not even localized) :unamused:
If instead I remove firefox from OPTIMAL_BROWSER the warning isn’t shown until after the user joins the meeting and then he has to click on it to see the recommendedBrowsers.html page :roll_eyes:

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