Browser refresh needed intermittently to get camera and sound to work

Our users are getting intermittent failures to get camera and sound to work, we have seen this ourselves as well. Its similar to when ICE fails. The issue seems to appear in p2p mode as well.

The only solution, and simple one, is to refresh the webbrowser and voilá everthing works.

jvb logs shows a couple of warnings:

…MergingDatagramSocket.initializeActive#599: Active socket already initialized

…MergingDatagramSocket$SocketContainer.runInReaderThread#770: Failed to receive: Socket closed
…MergingDatagramSocket.close#142: Closing
…MergingDatagramSocket.doRemove#349: Removing the active socket. Won’t be able to send until a new one is elected.

…BandwidthAllocator.allocate#271: Sources suspended due to insufficient bandwidth (bwe=449094 bps): [00feba2e-v0, 74689657-v0]

Any advice to troubleshoot this is highly appreciated