Browser reconnects after I created a new videoconference room

First of all: Thank you for providing Jitsi!!!
I have installed jitsi on a vserver with Ubuntu 18.04. The vserver has 6 vcores, 16GB RAM and a venet ip address.
When I create the first room, everything seems to work fine. When I close the room and start a new room with another name, the browser tries to reconnect. Has anyone an idea what could cause this problem? After I restart the server I can create a new room but when I create a second room the described error occurs. Thank you.

Have a look in the logs (/var/log/jitsi/) — in particular, the jicofo.log, I expect.

Unfortunately as a new user I cannot attach the jicofo.log file or post anything with more than two hyperlinks.

Pastebin, if you’re comfortable that there’s nothing sensitive in the logs?

or maybe replace links with something meaningful, like I tried with my first post = same issue yesterday? (Android immediately disconnects, always)

Today I have reinstalled my jitsi-meet server. It seems to run more stable. I think I could fix the problem with the help of this thread Default timeout for authenticated users
I set
in the file in the folder /etc/jitsi/jicofo
Thanks for your effort!