Browser not supported

Hi guys,
I have setup a jitsi server on an ubuntu 16 system (I chose ubuntu 16 because I followed the default jitsi youtube tutorial for setup)

One caveat before I go further…

after following the youtube tutorial provided by jitsi, I note that even though the youtube tutorial says I was not installing apache2 or nginx, the default jitsi installer went ahead and setup nginx anyway??? (not sure what is going on with that one?).

wasn’t it meant to install Jetty webserver by default?

anyway, Im perfectly happy with nginx so moving on…

opened firefox browser on windows10 laptop, navigated to, jitsi loaded beautifully no problems. Camera works, microphone works…brilliant. BUT!!!

I am unable to use camera with jitsi on an imac running the latest O/S using Safari

“failed to access your camera. You camera does not satisfy some of the required constraints”

I am unable to run Jitsi on a windows 10 system running Edge

it looks like you are using a browser we don’t support…

I can run it on Firefox on my windows10 system, but the camera wont work on that same system with Google Chrome browser.

Is this normal behaviour for self hosted Jitsi meet or do I need to add some additional software on my ubuntu server to overcome these problems?

This was changed since the tutorial was created. Now nginx is installed by default now.

You need to update to the latest Edge (Edgium).

People are having problems with that, there are some Windows privacy settings allowing the browser to use camera and mic where you should add Chrome.

Hi and thanks for your help damencho.

I went to Windows 10 settings>privacy>Camera>Allow desktop apps to access your camera…Google Chrome is listed

  • strangely enough it says “camera is in use”
  • the camera light is on above my laptop screen

Microphone is exactly the same as above…its enabled, shows its in use, but nobody is home in Jitsi.

I cant enable either of them in Jitsi even though windows 10 believes they are being used by chrome right now!

Edge has been upgraded to the latest version.

it is now doing exactly the same as Google Chrome Browser. Camera light is on, windows says both camera and mic are being used, however not working in Jitsi (i cannot enable them in Jitsi either.

Also, firefox on the IMAC is doing the same as chrome and edge above are doing on the windows 10 pc.

I don’t have any problems at all in firefox on this laptop…works perfectly.