Broadcasting image AND sound from Android phone to TV

Any ideas as to how to broadcast Jitsi image and audio from Android phone to a tv sitting nearby (easier for older people with vision and hearing impairment)?
I can use a bluetooth speaker to enhance and amplify the sound. I can also use Chromecast (via Google Home) to cast the image (I can’t make it cast both image and sound from Android phone). These 2 (bluetooth speaker + Chromecast for image) work BUT I am wondering if anyone would pitch in with an easier/cheaper solution for older folks sitting in senior communities, unable to deal with additional equipment.
I would appreciate your thoughts (and thx for the initiative!)

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same question - feature request, i.e. make Jitsi Meet app Chromecast ready

I found out not even Google Hangouts is able to cast image AND sound from Android so I cast image using Google Home ‘screen mirror’ and added a bluetooth speaker to send sound to a better speaker than the smarphone’s.
For real fullscreeen in landscape mode make sure to enable Autorotate on your phone’s display configuration.
I have not tested this on Jitsi but it should work, I think/hope.

Autorotate=landscape does work on Jitsi Meet app. (BTW I found that reverse portrait orientation does not work and you can not activate it in your app since this is controlled by the Jitsi Meet Activity). Casting the Jitsi Meet video/chat etc as part of the screen casting also works. Using a Bluetooth speaker makes it complicated and sounds unnatural/unsynchronized. Hangouts does not work either, but Hangouts, albeit being a Google product, is nearly deprecated. Google Duo does work natively with Chromecast. I must test Google Meet with Chromecast, which has been released to the general public for free.