Bridging Protocols?

Has anyone looked into developing a bridge for different meeting software?

E.g., Something that can link Jitsi clients with Zoom chats? (If not Zoom, then GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.)

I think this would have to be a server/service, and not something in the client. E.g., the Zoom-Jitsi bridge would be a service that connects to a Zoom room and allows Jitsi users to connect to it.

Why: Every company and organization has their own favorite meeting software. Last week, I used Jitsi, GoToMeeting, Skype, and Google Chat for different meetings. It would be convenient if I could setup a bridge server and just connect to it. Let the bridge server handle the jump between different video chat tech.

For example, Zoom uses the server to combine video streams. The Zoom-to-Jitsi bridge would receive one stream from Zoom and allow the Jitisi user to see the Zoom stream. And the Zoom server would just see the Jitsi users as if it were a bunch of separate incoming user streams.