Bridge Channel send: no opened channel


im getting this error while audio/video chat.

can anyone help?

i checked everything in the forum but nothing helped. heres the jvb log

Use chrome and make sure you had followed the advanced section in Firewall, port forwarding, public and private address of jvb.

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okay… it’s a little bit embarrassing… sometimes it’s really the obvious things…
i checked everyting - then i read about port 4443 and it was like someone hit me on the back of my head and i remembered 4443 was the fallback port, because 443 is already used by apache :man_facepalming:

thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

Hello, im using apache which uses 443 port for https… so my question is what you did to solve it? my firewall accepts both 443 and 4443. Anything else should i do? (im not behind any NAT)