Bridge Channel send: No opened channel

Hi I made a custom UI using lib-jitsi-meet. And i am getting an error on iOS but everything is working on android.

@saghul any idea why i am seeing this error. Any help would be appreciated

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What version of react native WebRTC are you using?

i am using “react-native-webrtc”: “1.75.2”

That might be a harmless error which is not logged at the appropriate level. Does everything work normally if you dismiss it?

@saghul Yes even i think this is harmless error as the Stream is received at both the ends. Is there any way we can suppress this error ?

Those errors are only displayed in debug mode. When building in release mode they won’t be displayed.

Hello @saghul,

This issue was resolved in release version. But now i am facing another issue on iOS.The DOMINANT_SPEAKER_CHANGED event is not triggering. It works well for android and web. Are we missing configurations in iOS app. Can you please help me out here.

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@saghul I am facing the similar issue…

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