Breakouts: After accessing a breakout-room all controls are away

yesterday I updated my jitsi-server, which is configured to work with JWT (Debian 10). I got the breakouts to appear in my participants panel:

But after accessing the breakout all controls gone away. I can’t go back or enter a different room.

Is there anyone in the community who has an idea? I’m not a programmer but will try to follow your steps …

Best, Daniel

I think it’s Jicofo that is starting to go in a unsafe state. I reproduced it by doing back and forth between breakout and main room, 3 times is enough to get to this state. Afterwise I had an happening of ‘Sorry ! you are not allowed to be here’ (my test system is configured without any authentication). After trying to empty everything in the browser, no joy, then I restarted Jicofo and and it got back to normal. Another try gave me the unresponsive Add breakout button. That’s it, it’s the ping-pong between breakout and main room that triggers bad things in Jicofo.

Hello @gpatel-fr ,
thanks for your reply. I cleared all browser data and restarted all services. The result is the same. I could reproduce it in FF latest (95), Chrome 96 and 98 on Win 10.

It looks like I enter the room, but not really.

I have a second machine on a different provider, with nearly the same configuration (but 2 years at work now) and there everything is fine.

Best, Daniel

that’s unclear. Do you mean that you have a server installed since 2 years, you upgraded it to latest stable, configured breakout rooms and then everything works normally ?

yes, and the second one (which I started in Oct 2021) makes the problems. The difference is, that the first one (which works), has additionally livestream and recording enabled :wink:

hmmm. I have 2 test servers. One is unstable without auth, that’s the one I use most usually, then I have another based on unstable that is almost the same as current stable and with auth (standard Prosody auth.
I can almost reproduce your problem all the time on this second server. When going back from the breakout room, I have an authentication prompt. That’s highly abnormal. Then if I authenticate again, the breakout room is lost. I think that you don’t see a prompt because you use JWT, but your conference is somehow initialized again at this point.

Then on the first server, current unstable without auth, I see exactly the same problem. Note that up to this point all my tests have been done with 2 users and the problem don’t occur then. Wait, I have another computer, more powerful, and on this computer everything is working fine. Wait, I have yet another computer and on this third computer I can get back but I don’t see the breakout room anymore. And getting back to trying to recreate the room I get the ‘sorry! your are not allowed to be here’.
Oh well, I think that creating a room, then creating a breakout room, getting to the breakout room and getting back immediately to the main room is essentially undefined behaviour. Don’t test breakout rooms with a single user, it’s not working. At all. Timing problems are my first suspect.

ok, I’ll test it with real users hopefully this evening and keep you informed.

I tried to connect with myself on a smartphone with firefox. Now there was a new behaviour. When I enter the breakout room, the other user is kicked out.

@gpatel-fr Is there a way to uninstall jitsi and make a fresh install or should I reset the server?

You can quickly uninstall and reinstall using the following commands:

sudo apt-get purge jitsi-meet jitsi-meet-web-config jitsi-meet-prosody jitsi-meet-web jicofo jitsi-videobridge2

sudo apt-get install jitsi-meet

sudo /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/

thank you both for the support. I think I found the solution for my problem here.

@Freddie I’ll save your answer for later :slight_smile: