Breakout Rooms?

Also a duplicate of this topic at . It seems there is already one that wrote it and want to make it open source after code cleanup.

I created to list and compare all known Jitsi-based solutions for breakout rooms. Unfortunately since then, edit access has been removed so presumably most people can no longer update it. I will complain about this elsewhere and try to get it fixed.

great job @joaoaguiam! This looks like it will be a great product for future events.

See Edit access for jitsi/jitsi-meet wiki was removed

I had the hardest time finding this again, so I’m guessing others may not have seen it.

I realize this is more of a front end implementation, but a combination of this and having multiple “fish bowls” and perhaps a separate room for each bowl still visible for everyone might be a good solution. It’s definitely unique.

Unhangout uses jitsi and is based around breakout rooms (though there’s no central room so to speak)

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Thanks @josephbrundige, if you want to know more and what is coming in the future just let me know on

The platform we’ve build around Jitsi is specifically focussed on breakout rooms and the facilitation aspects of this.

The work the Jitsi team is doing is awesome and really great at providing the basis to do this type of stuff but if you don’t want to have to setup all the platform infrastructure yourself, we provide the is a public facing saas product.

As the wiki page mentioned ( we don’t currently have good mobile access and are just using the Jitsi mobile app, but will soon release custom iOS and android apps to solve this in the next month.

Thought I would add a small reply here that we now have both IOs and Android apps based of the Jitsi core mobile build.

That’s great. Please could you update the wiki page accordingly?

I don’t think it’s possible to edit the wiki still sorry. At least I’m not able to find a way.

Looks nice!

The wiki page has now been moved into the official handbook, so anyone can submit PRs to the file.

Any possibility to bring that feature to the community ?

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Over a year and still no breakout rooms.

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Hi @Boomerlife,

We have implemented breakout rooms in a forked version of Jitsi.

we are currently in BETA phase, so we’ll be glad to get some feedbacks from testers.

We are actively working on it, this is a contribution after this hackathon Winning over the classroom with Jitsi - Jitsi

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Hi damencho,

What is the ETA to be merged to master?

In the following weeks, I guess

Be interesting to see how recording is to implemented.

Exciting news.