Breakout Rooms, participant can change room unauthorized?


We are using Jitsi Meet in a big project. Thank you for the new feature Breakout Rooms. Though we have noticed that participants can change the room on their own, without the permission of the moderator. Is this a requirement, or could this be a bug?

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It’s the way it’s designed to work right now. If Moderator needs to restrict access to a Breakout room, they can always set a password for the room.

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Thank you, but the participant can still leave the room anyway without permission. right? I am asking this because we are we are using the product for many schools in Germany

Yes, participants can leave a room anytime, they just won’t be able to enter the room unless you provide them the password.

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And there is no way to prevent them from leaving the room?

No, just like you can’t prevent a meeting participant from leaving a meeting.

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