Breakout rooms - Moderator role

I’m not quite sure if this is the right category for what I observed. We are currently running jitsi-docker-meet. Since I noticed some unexpected behavior, I updated from [stable-7287] (May 10, 2022) to [stable-7648-4] (Aug 26, 2022) to check wether this behavior changed resp. disappeared.

My observations are regarding the moderator role in connection with breakout rooms. Let me give you an example:

  1. User Dave is creating a meeting and therefore becomes mod. Shortly after, user Tom is joining the meeting.
  2. Mod Dave is creating a breakout room.
  3. User Tom is entering the breakout room or user Tom is being moved to the breakout room by mod Dave.
  4. User Tom can now move / be moved back and forth between main meeting room and breakout room without his user role being altered.
  5. User Tom is now the only user in the main meeting.
  6. Mod Dave is moving to the breakout room.
  7. User Tom’s role is now changed to moderator with the expected powers.

This can be repeated within a meeting with more than two participants until each and every user has the moderator role. The only condition is, that a user would sneak into the main room while there is no moderator present.

I’m wondering if this is an intended behavior? Is my configuration faulty?

This is the default behavior of jicofo assigning moderator roles

Thanks for your comment, @damencho !

I’m afraid my post was not precisely explaining the issue I’m experiencing.

You are right - enable-auto-owner can control wether or not the ‘owner’ role is automatically assigned or not. But unfortunately this does not exactly address my observations.

If I look at a meeting from my users’ perspective then I would consider the breakout rooms as subordinate rooms under the main rooms control. As long as there is a owner/mod somewhere around the rooms (main or breackout rooms), owner role should not automatically be granted to someone else whatsoever.

Currently, once the owner is moving to a breakout room while there are users left in the main room, the owner role is automatically granted to one of the users remaining in the main room.

Perhaps that is an architectural issue?

Yep, that is how auto-owner works with combination with breakout rooms.
That can be disabled and custom logic can be implemented and used in prosody as a module.