Breakout Rooms - Do Not Require Password Re-entry

I just finished upgrading everything so that I now how access to breakout rooms. This is an amazing feature. However, I noticed that whenever a user comes out of a breakout room, they are prompted to re-enter the password from the original room. Is there anyway to bypass this functionality? And make it so that the user is let back into the room without entering the password?

Essentially all of our rooms are locked so that users can either use the lobby functionality or the password functionality, but most users opt to use both and when their users are joining they don’t always have the password (and are often let in by the moderator). I tried walking through the code but it appears there is a password required error thrown at one point that triggers a cascade of events, so I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what modifications would need to be made to change this.

I’m hoping, with some direction, I can find and make modifications so that there can potentially be a new setting in the config.js file which would allow Jitsi users to opt in or out of having users coming back to the main room re-enter the meeting password.

Thank you for any advice, guidance, or help you can give regarding this!