Breakout rooms concept

Hi jitsi bros :3 in this opportunity i asked about the breakout rooms, specially about how it’s possible to manage data shared in the app. I’ve read some jitsi code and I understand that the breakout rooms are rooms inside the main room, these breakouts use methods to create the room and more stuff as the main/ original room does. So my question is if you have global data and methods with the main room… how a breakout room uses its own data and methods to manage what is happening inside this room that is practically a main room copied, then 2 breakouts and so on.

breakout rooms are just new rooms where the client joins there is no such thing as global data.
While being in the main or breakout room, the backend is sending info for available breakout rooms or so …

Thanks for reply damencho. I mean for example if in the main room there is a youtube video shared, in a breakout room it’s possible to share a youtube video too. So the breakout room creates its own objects with data, variables etc, is that correct? Each breakout room creates its own stuff


But how can i do this with the jitsi low level API? i don’t understand how I can duplicate what i use in the main room for a breakout room

You need a a way to communicate with the breakout room … not sure why. Or use the backend module somehow to push data from main room to breakout rooms.