Breakout room issue with Reservation System

We are using the reservation API to control who can create rooms etc. When a room is created and the moderator tries to create a breakout room, our reservation system is called again with the mail_owner and a room name that is not the same as when the main room created. Our API endpoint does not recognize this new room name and hence fails.

Is there a way to get the original room name? Or better yet, can we prevent a call to the Reservation API when a breakout room is created?

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Breakout rooms were added a few months after reservations, so I’ve never really tested the reservations module with breakout rooms.

I managed to repro the issue. Let me try out a few things and get back to you.

Can you test if this works for you?

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Works like a charm !!
Thanks so much for the quick turnaround.
Much appreciated.