Branding & screen view


I would like to ask for your assistance on two issues:

  1. Recently, I watched a conference held through Jitsi and saw the speaker share his screen with his presentation, and at the same time a video of himself was seen on the screen. I tried to do the same through Jitsi Meet (web browser), but didn’t find this option.
  2. My second question is about branding during a conference. At the same conference I saw a lot of logos around the speaker. I would like to use the platform for marketing purposes, but I don’t find opportunities to add branding.

Please for your assistance. Thanks in advance!

and set
to true.

Add your logo to /usr/share/jitsi-meet/ as rightwatermark.png.

Thank you, Neil! Sorry for the question, but I’m a marketing person. Where should I do this?

Aha! You cannot do this if you are using — this is just an option if you are running your own server.

If you are running your own server, then whoever is administering it for you should be able to make the change to the file (/usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js).