Branding both desktop and apps

There are lots of requests for this in these discussions.

On desktop it’s fairly simple to swap a watermark.png and tweak interface_config.js etc. and get a reasonable result without having to delve into any serious code, but for the apps (both Android and iPhone) it’s a very different story.

Suppose we define a unique directory location on a jitsi server that can (only) contain custom “theme” materials - maybe you’d want a logo image, a background image and a primary/secondary colour defined here? (Obviously you could cater for many more options with this approach but let’s keep this simple - most people just want some personal branding).

When a desktop or app connects to any Jitsi server it looks at this location and uses content if it exists, or runs with the defaults if not. This could work with both desktop and apps. And a “powered by Jitsi” graphic could be added when a custom theme is detected so as to maintain the accreditation etc?

I’m sure others can suggest improvements to this, but the approach of making these elements “external” would facilitate branding. Or perhaps the idea is to make this harder so the Jitsi brand gets most exposure! ???

No, the idea is understanding that mobile apps have a different architecture and function completely differently from desktop apps. It’s unclear what your angst is here: you have complete mobile solutions basically offered to you on a platter of gold, you need to do some minimal work to brand them according to your taste, but it seems you’re still complaining that even that minimal work is too much. This is not good.

I think the ease of installation of Jitsi has made people forget that they’re actually building high-powered servers with stellar functionalities. You run a few scripts and boom, you’re videoconferencing! The work that went into making that deployment so easy, rather than being appreciated, is now being used as the gauge for expectations. If you’re struggling that much to customize the mobile SDK, you probably shouldn’t be messing with it, to begin with. There are experts who put in the necessary time and resources to gain the requisite knowledge to handle those things and there’s a paid section here to reach out to them. Perhaps try that?