Bouncing error after April 2021 Jitsi Update

I’ve updated my Jitsi server to the latest Version 2.0.5765. Unfortunately I have no issues creating any meetings. It is a debian Server with Java 11.

I use the lobby feature if that is relevant.

When I create a room I get this error (I try to translate it from german message): “Sorry, something went wrong. We willt ry to fix it and reconnect in x seconds”.
There is no chance to create or join any room.

At exactly this moment I can see this errors in the prosody.log log happening very often. The “XXX” is my domain

Apr 26 23:37:41 focus.XXX:component warn
Component not connected, bouncing error for:

Before this error starts to happen there is also this one

Apr 26 23:34:12 focus.XXX:component warn Component not connected, bouncing error for:

I have not changed anything on the server except installing the latest update. Is there something that has to be changed in order to get the latest update up and running? I noticed the interface_config.js is deprecated but I dont think that file can be the cause.

Hope somebody has ideas. If you need anything else just let me know.

How did you update, the debian update process should take care of all needed changes to avoid such problems.

I used apt-get for the update. I also would expect that debian takes care but it looks like it does not

I get the same errors. My installation is based on the “manual” installation.

Which update steps have to be carried out for the new release?

Do a re-Installation on a fresh operating system instead of any update procedure. Everything else will drive you crazy,… This is my experience.

yes, but the manual steps for a clean install for the latest release are incomplete.

I did a clean install now and it works.
But that should not be a solution here. Isn’t it possible to create some kind of a migration guide from version to version or so?
I dont like to reset my whole server for every jitsi update.
Also I have to find now the varios setting I did somewhere that do not work anymore

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