BOSH is not found


I have a jitsi installed behind reverse proxy on LXC.
Configuration is done according to this tutorial.
Except that I have apache on jitsi’s container instead of nginx.

When I go to http:/fqdn/http-bind from the outside I got 404:

In jitsi’s VirtualHost /http-bind is proxied to localhost:5280/http-bind, which is default.
running curl http:/localhost:5280/http-bind/ locally also returns 404.

curl http:/fqdn:5280/http-bind/ though returns the right page (“It works! Now point your BOSH …”), but if I try to change localhost to fqdn in VirtualHost nothing changes and I still get 404.

Could you, please, point me in the direction where I might have an issue?

Thank you very much!