Bosh for JVB - Prosody communication

I am running prosody in Kubernetes and it is behind an Application Load Balancer.
For clients to communicate with it, I have BOSH configured.

I am wondering now if JVB can also communicate with Prosody through BOSH.
Would that be a possible solution?

Thank you very much!

There is no such feature at the moment.

Thank you Very much for your reply!

This is a feature that I could try to implement. Unless you think it could impact performance.

An alternative would be to have prosodies with different ports, not only 5222. But I could not find a way to configure JVB to communicate with Prosody in a different port.

Do you think it is possible?

Thank you!

Yes it is.

apis {
    xmpp-client {
      configs {
        myshard {
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Again, thank you!

That will probably help me as a workaround. Although, the best solution would be if I could use Bosh to communicate between JVB and Prosody.
I am willing to implement this feature.
Would you be able to give me some guidance on where to start it?

Thank you one more time!

GitHub - jitsi/jicoco: Jitsi Common Components is what is used for the brewery connections.