BOSH disconnection after upgrading Prosody 0.11.8

I just upgraded my prosody from 0.10 to 0.11.8 and followed all the steps mentioned here:

But now I’m not able to run JITSI meet on the new setup. Following is the error log:

|Apr 15 08:30:36 bosh3ef2b529-5c34-4dc5-b085-ccb34cc5d932|info|BOSH client disconnected: session close|
|Apr 15 08:30:38|warn|A module has been configured that triggers external events.|
|Apr 15 08:30:38|warn|Implement this lib to trigger external events.|
|Apr 15 08:30:39 bosh48cbd075-e2f1-4a31-bbb3-37f2f8eb7f37|info|BOSH client disconnected: session close|
|Apr 15 08:30:52|warn|Session filters applied|

Have you tried adding consider_bosh_secure = true; to your config?

Thank Saghul for your response.

I was trapped into many problems after upgrading Prosody individually and following this link:

So finally what I did is that I cleaned everything, specially /etc/apt/sources.list and then I followed Jitsi installation instruction to install it from scratch and now I’m good to go.

Everything is back to normal.

Good to hear!