BOSH-Connection failed: host-unknown


I am going to create connection using lib-jitsi-meet.

Here is my config:
hosts: {
domain: ‘’,
muc: ‘
bosh: ‘’,
clientNode: '`

I am getting such error:

When I go to it seems work:
“It works! Now point your BOSH client to this URL to connect to Prosody.
For more information see Prosody: Setting up BOSH.”

In my network I have this:

What should I configure to solve this?

By the way I earlier used ‘’ instead of ‘’ and it worked fine, I was able to create connection and join room. What is different?

Any help appreciated

Is the host you used to configure your server?
Don’t change clientNode, it may lead to unpredicted problems.

Yes, is host where is our jitsi-meet instance deployed.
Precisely it has following structure:

Changed clientNode to: ‘