Bosh config

When I look at the JS console of my browser I get this error

Strophe: BOSH-Connection failed: improper-addressing

Where do I have to look to debug/solve it? I have in


// BOSH URL. FIXME: use XEP-0156 to discover it.
bosh: ‘//’ + subdir + ‘http-bind’,

A simple


does work. I see an

It works! Now point your BOSH client to this URL to connect to Prosody.

Is it

+ subdir +


bosh: ‘//’ + subdir + ‘http-bind’,

which inserts a string not needed?

Do you have ssi turned on in nginx? What is your nginx config?

Yes, ssi is turned on.

I have two nginx configs, quite identical.

/etc/nginx/sites.available/ (5.1 KB)
/etc/nginx/sites.available/localhost.conf (5.0 KB)

You have subdir under config.js …
What is the subdir value when it doesn’t work?

It default to “” if missing

And even if ssi is not on that is handled: