BOSH client disconnected

I was configuring jitsi and wanted a secure domain by following the official steps (github repo steps) to configure.
Everything seems to work as expected but when I try to authenticate (while creating a room) (after creating user) it shows connection.GET_SESSION_ID_ERROR
and on the prosody.log I see the following
Mar 31 12:29:57 bosh3f4e616e-2210-4315-97e3-8540c6d185e5 info Authenticated as
Mar 31 12:29:58 bosh3f4e616e-2210-4315-97e3-8540c6d185e5 info BOSH client disconnected

I have seen similar issues on the forum but they haven’t really been resolved. I might be missing something simple, if so, I apologize. But your help is appreciated. Thanks