Blutooth Permission


Hello, Why Jitsi needs Bluetooth permission and why my Android App crashes when I remove this permission?


It needs microphone and camera to operate, I suppose the bluetooth is part of that. But someone from the mobile team can give more details on the subject.
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Good question! Quickly checked how my app works (even connected a BT headset) and it doesn’t need a BT permission in Android 8.1. We do however have the BT permission listed in our manifest file, so we need to take a deeper look into it. Let us get back to you a bit later.


Thanks for your support. So as my minSDK is 21 so i need BT permission for Android 8 and lower. Am I right?There is any file about permissions in Jitsi and why jitsi needs somethings?


We do use Bluetooth APIs which require that permission in the manifest AFAICT. We use it to detect which audio devices we can use.

Note that some permissions don’t prompt the user, like the ones we use for Connection Services.

Now, we should ideally be resilient and ignore the failure. How are you removing the permission?


<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.BLUETOOTH” tools:node=“remove”/>
but it makes my app crashed


So you are editing the code then.

Can you show the adb output when this happens? I want to know exactly where the app crashes.