Blurring background option not available

The funtion blur the background is not available in the dropdownlist

forget experimental Blurr in Jitsi for now.

Greenscreen & OBS Chromakey
XSplit VCam & OBS

Welcome to the forum @hechtscheiden.

Is this on or on your self-installed instance?

on meet Jitsi.
these are the options I see:

manage video quality
start live stream
share a you tube video
mute everyone
speaker stats
embed meeting
leave feedback
view shortcuts.

nu blurring background…

Thanks for advising, I have no experience using these tools, can you provide some more information?

Hi Heleen,

blurr background in jitsi is “experimental” and makes problems on “weak” clients, so avoid. it can crash vc sessions.

I think you are looking for a solution to show yourself without your private surrounding, in front of “whatever”.

Then go for XSplit Vcam. You won’t regret :wink:

btw, I’m not associated whit them in any way :wink:

go to and look for “xsplit vcam lifetime”

acutally, you’ll get it for 11.40$ :wink:
look for the promo code & save it!
then go “see deal” to
there you buy & use the promo code. deal is safe by paying with paypal.
Me & some collegues did it this way. No problems at all.

If you’re unsure, get an it affine buddie to help you.

at the end, you can present yourself at a wonderfull tropic beach :wink:

And you can use VCam with any video conference tool, but the best to use is JITSI :wink:


P.S.: XCam is Windows only, not Mac !