Bluetooth headset keeps connecting and disconnecting

Hi all,

I’m using Jitsi Meet for professional videoconferencing with a bluetooth headset (Sony WH-1000XM4). After allowing my browser’s access to the headset’s audio input and microphone output, everything seems to work for a few seconds but quickly, the bluetooth headset disconnects from my computer … A few seconds later, it reconnects and after re-parameterizing the inputs and outputs manually, everything seems to work again for a few seconds before being disconnected again. During this time, it also seems that nobody was able to hear me … Has anyone faced this problem before and would be able to help me ?

I’m using Jitsi Meet on Firefox 88.0.1 (64 bits) and I also tried it on Google Chrome, with the same results. My computer is an Acer Switch Alpha 12 Windows 10 Family 20H2.

This doesn’t seem a jitsi related issue. Does it work while watching a Youtube video?

Yes : it works perfectly fine for Youtube video, Spotify listening, etc.

After some research, it seems that the problem comes from the bluetooth connection and the fact that my computer does not support the codecs allowing the use of the microphone in bluetooth. Indeed, it works perfectly on my phone, but not on my computer, whether with Jitsy, Skype, etc.

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I see the headphones on my computer as “headphones” (the microphone does not work) and as “headset”, then the application supports the microphone and headphones.