Blue border around speaker after muting


When I am in a call and a person is talking, there is a Blue Border around this person. After the person stops talking and mutes, the blue border stays with the user until someone talks again.

Is this behavior intentional or is this a bug? If it is intentional, could you explain to me why this is? It does cause some confusion from time to time.

Thanks a lot!

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Sounds like you’re talking about the dominant speaker indicator. It stays on the (loudest) person who’s speaking and remains on them till someone else speaks. This is the way the feature is designed.

Can you share a bit about the confusion it causes?

Yeah I am talking about this. Is there a way, that it does not remain on them till someone else speaks?

Unless you turn it off completely, what you’ve observed is the way it’s designed to work.
If you’re running an audio only call, there’s the alternative to depend on the avatar highlight - the speaker’s avatar sort of pulsates while they’re speaking and goes off once they stop speaking. In that case, you can just turn off the dominant speaker indicator completely since you won’t need it.

Just to be sure. If i disable the dominant speaker indicator completely, it will only pulse around the user, when he is speaking and stops, when he is stop talking?

This is the “blue border” I am talking about

No, that’s not what I said. If you disable it completely, it just won’t show up at all. If it’s an audio call, you’ll see the avatar pulsating, which I think serves your purpose of only having an indicator that shows when a person is actually speaking.

And for a video conference there is no possibility for the pulsating, right?

No, not like the avatar. But you do have the audio meter which moves in response to sound from a speaker.

Okay thank you!

Will there be an option in the future to disable the blue border after muting/stop speaking with the indicator?

I’d say this is a bug, can you please open an issue on GH?