Black screens that appear and disappear

We’re running the latest Jitsi and experience a strange problem with black screens sometimes appearing. When the black screens show up the others see everyone without a black screen. So the problem is not there for everyone in the meeting.

After a few minutes, the black screens disappear again and everyone can be seen.

Anyone experiencing a similar problem?

No one with the same problem?

I have the same problem! Don’t know why - bandwith? Bug? Bad supported Browser - dont know…

Here to. The connection state (in the hover tooltip) of the affected windows says ‘suspended’. Do not see any errors in the browser console or videobridge log. Sounds to me like some logic is disabling the stream intentionally.

There is nothing in the config, which would justify it:

    maxFullResolutionParticipants: -1,
    disableSimulcast: true,
    enableLayerSuspension: true,
    channelLastN: 6,

It already happens with just 3 or 4 participants, so LastN=6 should not be the issue.

No one an idea?

If you disable simulcast, you have just a single layer and enabling layer suspension does not really make sense, i believe. The same probably applies to maxFullResolutionParticipants=-1, as there is just one video stream of each participant.

However, I don’t know whether these settings would cause the video dropouts you notice. In my experience, this happens if client processing power is insufficient or the bandwidth of either receiver or sender is insufficient.

It is a matter of client performance? I’m pretty sure the clients are not close to their performance limit. Is there some setting which can be tweaked?

If you set lastN to 6 and disable simulcast a client needs to decode, downscale and render six streams in HD or FullHD (or whatever you send). This can already be a tough task for some clients. However, I don’t know whether your issue is caused by lack of processing power. I’d suggest to either enable simulcast or to do some A/B tests whether the other options mentioned above could cause the video drops when simulcast is disabled.

It’s been a while that nobody posted in this thread, I’d like to pick it up. I’m getting a lot of blinking screens, black screens especially when screencasting. Even those participants have if whose bandwidth is rather high.

We are using our own jitsi server, which runs on a fast machine. Are there any server side settings that we should change?

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